• To the Oxfordshire Police Force

    I was impressed by the tobogganing policemen, for having a sense of humour, and getting involved with the local community. As a UK tax payer I whole heartedly endorse this use of my money.

    I as not impressed by them being told off.

    Have fun (or not, as the case is much more likely to be).

    Ref: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/01/14/sledging_coppers/

  • Easy on the eyes

    Just a quick post here…

    Recently my eyes have been a little strained using the computer. I think it probably has something to do with the misplacement of my reading glasses somewhere at University. Hopefully I’ll find them before my Mum finds out and goes nuts lol.

    Anyways to reduce browser related eye strain, I found a handy script for Greasemonkey (in Firefox) that kinda inverts the webpage/makes it less white and a bit easier to read (higher contrast). Its not perfect but it’s a handy hack until I can do some more hunting for my glasses!

    Anyway enough text, here’s the links:

    Invert web page colours (lifehacker)

    Direct link to Greasemonkey script

    Options are customisable, so you can restrict the websites it works on…

    Oh, and here’s a screenshot:


  • Prevent Adobe Acrobat Crashing Firefox

    I’m using Adobe Acrobat (for compatibilities sake only, please post your favourite PDF program in the comments below!), but I’ve been rather annoyed recently at it having a tendency to hang Firefox if I tried to open more than one PDF file from the internet.

    Simple fix/hack – make Firefox save PDF files rather than open them.

    1. Open Options (Tools \ Options in Windows and Edit \ Preferences in Linux)
    2. Open the Applications tab
    3. under ‘Adobe Acrobat Document’ change the value of the dropdown to ‘Save file’

    Firefox Applications options tab. Vista I know!

    1. OK the change
    2. All done. Hopefully that’s one less annoying crash to worry about!

    Ps get Session manager to save yourself loosing a window full of tabs or having to do a horribly manual procedure like recovering tabs from a accidentally closed Firefox window.

  • Books

    I’m a bookworm. I love curling up with a cup of tea and a  good book, to read.

    So far at the moment, I’m re-reading two books, “The fifth elephant” – Terry Pratchett, and “Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone” by you know who ;)

    Two books, because I got a bit into Terry Pratchett’s book, and then got bored, and I try to re-read Harry Potter every couple of years. Seems I am always re-reading it around Christmas.. :)

    The majority of my books I get from charity shops. A few I get from bookmooch.com, the rest I buy from amazon, or am given by relatives for christmas and birthday (The Company, by Max Barry was a Christmas present :) )

    Where do you buy your books?

  • Christmas shopping

    Christmas shopping today, in between watching episodes of the season 2 of Bones :)

    If you want to get interesting fair-trade presents in London, check out “fair share”, at the end of bewick street, next to the red light district of picadilly circus (hope I’ve got the spelling right). Very cool little things, made in interesting and deprived places. Worth giving it a look, if you’re looking for something a little quirky as a gift :)

  • Quick interesting stuff for today

    Addictive flash/iPhone game: canabalt
    Elwoodicious just wrote an interesting price on elastic load balancing with amazon’s virtual servers: http://elwoodicious.com
    RPS a uk pc gaming site/blog got mentioned on a BBC news article about the laws of war, and how they’re broken in computer games

    That’s all for today!

  • Must post before midnight…

    Got to be quick. Today is the closest ie come to failing the challenge (using my brothers post earlier to give me a break, hope that doesn’t break the rules!

    Today, used the east-coast train. Sat opposite to an older Irish lady, who looked like she had a lot of money, and seemed a little rude, the little I spoke to her. Don’t know if she was or not, it was very early in the morning. Then spent the rest of the day preparing a server, to move a site onto it in a rush this weekend. Kinda out-grown shared hosting all of a sudden, being a Christmas targetted website! Mine because I phoned the customer with the “we need to turn you off” call ;) fun fun. Anyway must post. Cutting it fine!